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General Catalog 560-01
Level indicator

• Lateral mount
• Direct reading on two-color ruler
• Materials: AISI 316L, PVC, PPH, PVDF
• Operating under pressure
• Options: Level switches; Analogue output 4-20 mA


Direct reading of level in opaque and closed tanks, metal or plastic vessels.


The MAGTOP instantly indicates the level of liquid contained in a tank, via two-colored magnetic flaps pivoting to the passage of the float in the measuring tube.

According to mechanical strength and chemical compatibility, MAGTOP is well adapted to work with liquids such as hot water, oils, alkali and acids. Instrument is installed on the tank by lateral or axial fittings.
When the distance between fittings is large, we integrate brackets on the measuring tube to afford the weight; they have to be fixed on corresponding tank brackets.

MAGTOP are available in various models:
• MAGTOP 300 in stainless steel is suitable for lateral mounting on metal tanks.
• MAGTOP 400 & 410 are designed to an axial installation over the tank; The necessary space outside the tank is equivalent to height of immersion.
• MAGTOP 801, 803 & 806 (PVC, PPH, PVDF) are convenient for use with aggressive fluids.

To facilitate handling during commissioning or to satisfy transport conditions, MAGTOP can be made in 2 or 3 parts.

The MAGTOP is subject to a plan submitted for approval, before manufacture.

Options, accessories
- Adjustable level switches to mount on measuring tube (data sheets 585)
- Reed chain "RTM" with transmitter 4-20 mA (or resistive output) for MAGTOP (made of one piece); See data sheet 586-01.
- Graduated ruler in cm, % or volume according specifications.
- Drain valve with fitting ½'' G

Density   (kg /m³)
Pressure   (bar)
Temperature   (°C)
Type   (300, 400, 410, 801, 803, 806)
Center to Center   L in mm, acc. spec.)
Fittings   (acc. spec.)
OPTIONS   (acc. spec.)


MAGTOP according to Pressure Equipment Directive DESP 97/23/EC and for hazardous areas ATEX approved: see data sheet 560-03

General Catalog 560-01
11/12/2019 13:41
Level indicator
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