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04/04/2012 20:13
IFAT 2012

We shall be exhibiting our products in Munich at IFAT 2012, the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. 07 th  to 11 th  of May, 2012 - New Munich trade fair centre - Hall 5, booth 506.   Besuchen Sie uns auf...

04/04/2012 20:10
Achema 2012
World Exhibition Congress on Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology

18 - 22 June Hall 11, booth G3 We show off our complete range and all our new products on our booth BAMO-IER GmbH. Relevant lines: New series MAXIMAT CX, certification acc.WHG§19 TRUBOMAT: complete line for turbidity monitoring SDD and RDP new lines of...

26/04/2010 11:43
IFAT 2010
New Perspectives for the Environment

We shall be exhibiting our productsin Munich at IFAT 2010, the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. September 13-17, 2010 - New Munich trade fair centre.

26/04/2010 11:41
Achemasia 2010
8th International Exhibition-Congress on Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

We shall exhibit between the 1 and 4 June 2010 in Beijing, our products in Achemasia 2010, the 8th International Exhibition-Congress on Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

22/12/2009 14:59
Heavy-duty Cat & Mouse level indicator

So many technologies such as radars, ultrasonic transmitters, are offering sophisticated measuring systems that do not answer to simple requests! This is an opportunity for BAMO to redesign a level indicator. A strong experience helped us to build up...

22/12/2009 14:56
ACHEMA 2009 - Hall 10.1 - Stand B38
Frankfurt am Main, May 11 to 15

We show off our complete range and all our new products on our booth BAMO-IER GmbH Relevant lines: - MAXIMAT: certification acc.WHG§19 - TRUBOMAT: complete line for turbidity monitoring - NIVOMAT: level measurement with float, high resolution -...

22/12/2009 14:50
Water traces and leakage detector

LISA will detect immediately the presence of unexpected water in systems and buildings 1 drop of water is sufficient for alarming and sending you the information. The signal alarm occurs before the flood affects the monitored area. A self-test of the...

22/12/2009 14:46
The 23rd International Exhibition

For equipments, technologies and services For environmental matters. Pollutec 2008, 23ème Salon International des équipements, des technologies et des services de l'environnement

22/12/2009 14:23
Measuring and control of turbidity

We clarify the parameters of fluids turbidity... Since 2 decades, we develop the range of turbidity monitors for continuous survey or just alarming systems. Wastewater: From WWTP, sedimentation process, flocculation... Drinkable water: From spring,...

21/12/2009 17:45
IFAT 2008 - Munich 5-9 May 2008
15th International Trade Fair for Water - Sewage - Refuse - Recycling

It was once more a successful exhibition "Environmental solutions" with 120000 visitors for 2560 exhibitors. Our booth BAMO-IER in the middle of numerous and talented manufacturers received congratulations from them as well as from visitors. The 2/3 of...

21/12/2009 17:39
PHOXLOG: version 2.16

The software dedicated to the data logger BAMOPHOX is yet downloadable. Among new details, the inductive conductivity metre BAMOPHOX 322 TOR is included. Downloading: from the instructions manual page BAMOPHOX 106

21/12/2009 17:35
Bubbling... state of the art for level measurement!

BAMOBUL is designed for a reliable and accurate measurement The bubbling measuring method is a non-age technique. It is still today, a serious alternative to ultra sonic transmitter, offering a trouble free use with foaming process and a long-term high...

21/12/2009 17:28
Sludge level controller

Perfect control of sludge level in sedimentation basin. Easy, quick and accurate measurement New answers for operators of WWTP to their needs of reliable information on sludge levels. The MUDLINE is an innovation on these applications: - Autonomous -...

21/12/2009 17:23
New terminal heads for BAMO

This year 2006, are appearing new perspectives for BAMO and part of them are some red head housings, the most visible changes. They will fit at least all our field instrumentation: flow, turbidity, ph, conductivity probes and more... Thanks to these red...

21/12/2009 17:21

Dear Partners, We also are concerned with the environmental protection and the RoHS requirements 2002/95/CE. What is the objective? The directive RoHS shall limit the use of toxic and harmful materials in the manufacture of electric and electronic...

21/12/2009 17:09
BAMO acquires a German Company

To confirm its activities development on fluids control, BAMO Mesures SAS acquires the First of January 2006 the well-known Company IER Mess und Regeltechnik GmbH. IER in a few words: 35 years of experience in the German Market Turn over of 2 millions...

21/12/2009 17:00
New pH-metre from BAMO

- pH/ORP programmable monitor and regulator - Alphanumeric back lighted LCD display - Friendly using menu - Scales: 0 - 14 pH and ± 1000 mV through configuration - Temperature compensation automatic or manual - 2 analogical outputs 0/4-20mA galvanic...

21/12/2009 16:30
BAMO implements its WEB site
New appearance and dynamic show room for a better understanding

Beginning of 2003, BAMO implements its WEB site with the version 2 of CARIBASE, newest software from CARIMEDIA. End of 2004, we wish a dynamic interface with our visitors: it is done with the last version 3! On time up-dates and easy downloads are the...

21/12/2009 16:12
An accurate and tiny little flow rate metre

Since we launched the BAMOMATIC (in 2004), its success is increasing with more than a few thousands of units in use. They are still new applications to discover for this electromagnetic and small metre; the most well known are dosage and flow-rate...

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